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Need Help Please!!!!


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1. Means it's uploading the file to peers. If it's not a private tracker (as in, you didn't have to register to get the torrent), you don't HAVE to keep doing that, so you can stop it. But it's good manners to 'seed' it to a upload/download ratio of 1. This is shown in uTorrent further along the row that gives you details about the torrent, and represents how much you have uploaded divided by how much you have downloaded.

2. Navigate to where you downloaded the file (if you don't know, it should be somewhere in the torrent details when you select it). Double click the file.

I don't know if you need extra codecs or whatever, but uh... if your media player says it's missing codecs, go to the page where you got the torrent and read the torrent description+comments to see if they give you some clues.

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