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µT1.7.2: Hanging file handles


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On occasion I've noticed how I can't move or delete files that I downloaded some time ago and removed from µTorrent. The only reason I know it's caused by µTorrent is the process explorer utility I use to find (and forcibly remove) the causes of such problems (= open file handles). Restarting µT obviously helps, but that shouldn't be needed.

I can't remember if this occured in v1.6, but the most recent stable (v1.7.2) does it. Can't remember if the 1.7 betas did it either, likely the crashing and downgrading back to 1.6 prevented me from noticing it in them if it was there.

Edit: This is extremely rare, and I'm not sure I'm not just doing something stupid with my head again, so please ignore unless someone else can verify.

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