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Totally new to Utorrent and uploading in general


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Will someone please answer my questions as after searching the FAQ i am none the wiser.

I am uploading 3 movies,2 that i downloaded from Demonoid and 1 that i created a torrent for,all uploading on Utorrent.

These are 700mb each.One of them has upload 745mb which is larger than the file itself.I thought it would stop uploading when it reached its file size.

Also do i have to leave movies uploading once i have downloaded them as i am confused after reading that as you download a movie it also uploads at the same time.

And one more thing,concerning the ratio,when will it increase.Does it only increase when every movie is fully uploaded( so if its a 700mb file will i have to upload more 700mb until ratio is changed)

Really appreciate all help with this,been plodding on for 4 days now and still not got the hang of it.

Cheers guys.

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By default, µTorrent will slow the upload rate down to 4KiB/s after it has uploaded 150% of the file size. If you want it to slow down after 100%, then set the default to that in the queueing preferences, or torrent job preferences. If you want it to stop uploading after it reaches 100%, then set "limit the upload rate to" to 0 in the queueing preferences.

Ratio increases as long as you're uploading faster than you're downloading anytime during the transferring process. It usually goes up more quickly during seeding mode simply because by the time you're a seed, you're no longer downloading.

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I've got:

Ratio is <= 100 % or seeding time is: (Ignore)

When uTorrent reaches the seeding goal:

[Ticked box] Limit the upload rate to [0: stop] 0 kB/s

And yet a torrent I'm currently downloading and uploading on has a ratio of 1.229 and is still seeding. What have I done wrong?

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Hmm well it just stopped a torrent I was seeing after it reached a ratio of 1, and the torrent I'm downloading/uploading isn't uploading as much as it was before. So I'll let it go for now and come back if I have anymore trouble. Thanks for the help though :)

(Oh and no I hadn't overrided the default seeding goal)

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