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Seeing all peers at all times - how?


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How can the [Peers] tab be configured to show everybody in a torrent at all times, including myself?

I can obtain a complete list (including myself) by right-clicking and choosing Copy Peer List. But at various times, the on-screen [Peers] list omits several IPs for reasons I don't understand. For instance, I'm currently in a torrent with 6 people, and only 4 are visible. The 5th is somebody at 194.144.72.xxx:6881. (The 6th is, of course, me.)

The main reason I would like to have everybody visible at all times is because uTorrent additionally hides other seeders from the list once I myself become a seeder. Once I've become a seeder, I prefer leaving only after achieving a decent upload:download ratio - and if there are other seeders. If I'm the only remaining seeder, I prefer to stay until others have obtained 100% as well. But because uTorrent hides this info, I can't tell without starting another BT client. :(


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