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incompatibility between uTorrent and X-NetStat program ?


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Thanks chaosblade.

No warning from NOD32. I wrote to X-NetStat pro:

"Hello Drew,

Since I use uTorrent ( http://www.utorrent.com/ ), it is impossible starting X-NetStat pro : you say that your software seems has been tampered with.

I have to uninstal it and reinstall ; but the same thing appears if I use just 1 time uTorrent (and exit it).

NB: uTorrent has no installation, it's just executing soft (utorrent.exe).

Thanks for your kind reply.

registered user "

I am going to sweep my computer with SpyBot AdAwre etc...

thanks again.

I come back after sweeping with SpyBot AdAware SpySweeper and Pestpatrol ....... nothing.

I wait for the reply of >>>>>> http://www.freshsw.com/xns/pro/

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