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Upload speed limit don't work


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Under Preferences, BitTorrent:

1.Enable Local Peer Discovery (to FIND the local peers)


2.Limit Local Peer Bandwidth

Uncheck #1 and check #2.

What's the measured speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

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Can you give an example? ex. Your limit is X Kb/s and it goes over to Y Kb/s.

I've seen that it sometimes exceeds the upload limit slightly while it fluctuates but nothing drastic.

If you can't browse the web while downloading with utorrent your issue may also be with the number of connections.

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What settings are you using?

100 connections at once might use a few KiloBYTES/sec both ways, which may not be counted directly against µTorrent's download and upload speed limits.

Are you using encryption?

Is DHT enabled?

Tell us more, your problem may be unique to you...but without details we can only guess. :(

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Post a list of EVERY setting shown in the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window.

I am guessing you've got some strange combinations there, far out of line for the recommended values that Speed Guide gives.

Barring that, did you raise the half open connection limit in µTorrent's advanced settings?

Do you ever see "L: <speedvalue>" at the bottom of µTorrent's window?

What about with DHT completely disabled?

Are you running lots of torrents at once?

(...which for your connection is more than 2!)

Troubleshooting Guide asks for LOTS of other possibly relevant information...you may have a bad router, your software firewall may be hostile towards µTorrent, your ISP may be doing crazy things to your line, even stuff like the MTU limits your connection uses might clue us in to something out-of-the-ordinary breaking µTorrent from working correctly.

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I'm experiencing a similar situation.

I'm on DSL, 500Mb/.9Mb, and the modem is in bridging mode. My NAT/firewall is provided by a Linux box (RedHat 9) and configured with only a few ports open.

I am port mapping my uTorrent port.

Results of my CTRL-G dialog:

U/L limit: 20KB U/L slots: 10

Connections: 50 Conn Global: 100

Max Act Tor: 50 Max Act D/L: 5

Port: 48820

Encryption is enabled

I have unselected:

Local Peer Discovery

Limit Local Peer Bandwidth

As you can see, my U/L limit is 20KB. My actual U/L rate is between 45KB-60KB.

If I change my U/L limit lower (to 10KB let's say), it actually seems to have some impact (reducing my actual rate by about 10KB), and if I raise it, then I hit my connection wall at about 75KB.

When I'm set to 10KB limit, I can snoop around the torrents that are using a lot of bandwidth (>10KB), and watch a single connection getting more than 10KB. I've observed 15KB sustained for 5 or so seconds at a time, and peaks in that one connect of over 20KB.

It seems to be almost always (if not actually always) that the high speed connections are incoming connections from my port forwarding machine.

Wait, I've got an idea... Perhaps uTorrent is counting that as local peer bandwidth, and not limiting it since it doesn't default to having "limit local peer bandwidth" enabled.

Yes, enabling that flag dropped by outgoing rate rather suddenly to around 12KB total.

So there I have it, it was my port forwarding confusing uTorrent into thinking something was a local connection when it was really a remote connection.

Well, thanks for listening, and I hope this discovery I stumbled on helps someone else.

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Your theory about port forwarding confusing uTorrent into thinking something was a local connection when it was really a remote connection...seems at least remotely possible.

However your settings are nowhere near any speed guide recommended values.

If you have 50 active torrents with 10 upload slots each, that means your 20 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed tries to get split between as many as 500 different peers at once.

Really...if you need to run that many torrents at once, you probably should get a faster internet connection. :P

Even with 5 total torrents at once, you probably should reduce upload slots to only 4 if you're only uploading at 20 KiloBYTES/sec. That change alone may fix your problem. I certainly cannot imagine it will make the problem WORSE. :lol:

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