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PORTFORWARD.COM isnt much help...Can you help??


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It seems Im not the only person that comes across this problem. I've spent the last two days reading everyones posts, with no answers. I've also googled my little fingers off. There are hundreds of sites out there that help you through the "forward your port process" HOWEVER, it seems EVERYONE who writes these "Help" guides are computer experts. I am not. I'm proud to say I have learnt everything I know through reading and simply teaching myself.

Is there anyone out there that can break it down in a SIMPLE, NON TECHNICAL form - How to forward a port.

I liked the way portforward provided the "manual" for specific routers, but I did step by step what they said and it still did not forward my port. Atleast, that exclamation mark on the bottom of my UTorrent page doesnt seem to think so...

So, please. On behalf of all the people that have posted on here with no answers or help, PLEASE walk us thru the forwarding process...please. (pretend we're in first grade...) ;)

cheers, and thanks in advance to those who dare reply :)


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Ok, Sorry. I'll try again.

I am using a 2Wire 2701HG-T Router.

I went to the Port Forward guide for this router and followed all the steps. I went Utorrent and allocated a port.

I clicked my Firewall settings,

selected my computer,

clicked on "Allow individual applications",

clicked on new-user defined application ,

named the application UTor1,

clicked on TCP,

put in the allocated port number (from and to),

pressed add definition,

and then pressed done.

It should be "forwarded" right?! I followed the instructions. To a tea. So where did I go wrong> What other info do you need to troubleshoot me :) Please be specific and I'll provide the info you need so I can get through this hurdle.

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Norton. Forward to....Im not sure what that means. I thought I only had to forward on that page which I went to. I did it from the internet site which looks exactly like the one on the PortForward page guide.

I see what you mean, sorry. I had to re read the sentence. Yes, I did the steps from my laptop, which is where I have my Utorrent running.

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To configure Norton, is there a specific section in the Internet Security and Firewall Options where I should be looking? I already have Utorrent on my firewall, and I have it open to allow in and out communications. Shouldnt that be enough? Can you reccomend another site maybe which runs me through the steps of configuring Norton to Utorrent?

Thanks D, I appreciate you trying. ;)

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OKAY... i was having a similar problem. heres how i got this to work.

follow the instructions on portforward.com (forward the port and then enter it into utorrent - i used 25252 but it shouldn't matter)

run the port check in utorrent and if it still fails do this.

1.go into control panel

2.network connections

3.right click on local area connection > properties

4.click on the "advanced" tab

5.if there is a tick in "internet connection firewall" click on "settings" down the bottom of the window (if not put a tick in the box and choose settings)

6.you will now see a list of stuff like "ftp server" "internet mail...." CLICK ON ADD

7.enter a name (p2p, utorrent WHATEVER) and your ip and finally, the port you have forwarded for utorrent in both remaining spaces. make sure TCP is selected

8.click OK place a tick in you newly created exception and press OK again.

9.restart your pc to make sure the change is saved and this should get you working. if not i don't know what will.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks my friend. All working now. Followed everything step by step. I even got a nice little green triangle at the bottom of my UTorrent page...the triangle I have been wanting for sometime now!

Cheers mate, and thanks for the help.


Do you have Norton? I had to reconfigure my Norton firewall after my internet went down, and then I did what Pepidav suggested and it all worked.

Let me know if you need the info on the Norton stuff.


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