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I/O Device Error- files not downloading


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I've been downloading many files on uTorrent for about a month now, all working fine. (I'm using 1.7.2, which I think is the latest) Today, for some reason, the files randomly stopped at about 36% or something. The status said:

"Error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O Device Error."

Now, I googled it, and it seems that it's a common problem, but I couldn't find any answers on the web. The FAQs on the main site, and the FAQs on this forum don't help. On #utorrent, I tried asking, and one guy asked about a drive letter or something, but unfortunately my computer disconnected and I didn't get to ask him. I don't know what a drive letter is :\

Anyways, if anyone could help me to understand/fix the problem, it'd be greately appreciated. :]

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The same here too.

this is the binnacle:

1 - My computer freezes without any reason.

2 - I shut down and turn on again the computer.

3 - Then I opened the utorrent software.

4 - Utorrent re-check the data previously downloaded until (in my case 25.4%) this message appears in the status: "Error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

once upon a time I had the same error. but I read that I can solve this doing "something" that i can't remember exacty. I did something in the folders: "C:\Documents and Settings\********\Application Data\uTorrent"

I don't know exactly what i did, but is like if I say that I must delete some files like "resume.dat" o repleace it with the "*.dat.old". I can't remeber and i can't find that again.

any hints?. thanks :)

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I've been downloading 32 GB of Seinfeld. luckily the chapters comes detached each other. So i've been downloading the files in order. the fact is that I check out each chapter and play it until I find the crash one. at that point, obviously I delete the subsequent chapters and then began a clean download.

i only lost one file. not much worries.

I can't perform the chkdsk /f action because the partition it's full loaded hehe.

No, i'm not using any network share and USB drive neither. :)

Anyways... i'll still looking a real solution. i'm afraid that it happend again but with a *.iso or bigger files.

thanks :)

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Hi, I had a cruzer U3 connected to my computer and it has a launch pad and also i can explore the F: Drive with it but i received an error this time, when i tried to plug the u3 again that said: Request can not be perform because of an I/O Device error. How could i fix that and see the launch pad and explore my U3 device again?

I tried to look into the internet for an answer to fix that but i did not find anything. So i don`t know if somebody can help me with that...


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