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Status Icon seems to report incorrect connection status


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Hi All

Don't know if anyone has seen this issue before, but periodically, my status icon changes from green to red or yellow and stays that way until I reboot. Doesn't seem to affect my upload or download, I get pretty good speeds in both directions, my router is forwarding traffic OK, logs look good etc.

When I check the port forward status through uTorrent's port checker it reports ports are not open, but doesn't seem to make any difference to transfers or performance.

Anyone else seen this, does it need something fixing or tweaking?

I have latest version of uTorrent

DG834G router/modem

avast A/V (I've tried switching this off, but it doesn't seem to make a difference).

There is no WINXP firewall to worry about.

Any help appreciated.

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It had been my suspicion that my ISP was interfering and I think the reboot might have been a red herring. I've noticed with the same firewall settings I may get any combination of red/yellow/green icon even if I don't change any settings and time of day does seem to be a factor. This must be due to outside interference.

As soon as my contract is up, I will be chaging providers.

Thanks for the info.

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Excessive settings in µTorrent for your connection can cause not only firewalled states in µTorrent, for marginal networking software and hardware...slowdowns and crashes can result.

Can you verify for us what your download and upload speeds are as measured by speed tests AND (if different) reported by your ISP?

Also, what settings are you trying to use in µTorrent as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

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I use the 8 Mbps broadband extreme package which basically means I should be able to download at upto 8Mbps. The reality is I usually get about 2Mbps if I'm lucky and this usually diminishes over time. Upload max is about 512kpbs but generally more like 256kpbs, sometimes more on a good day.

The reports I get from speed tests confirm this and I usually tweak my uTorrent settings to match the speeds they report.

upload limit 38 KB/s

Connections 80

Max Active torrents: 3

Upload slots 4

Max Active downloads 2

current settings xxx/385kbps

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Since updatein 5 days ago, I too have this problem. It doesn't seem to change my rates either.

Always had green, with no Router config, wrt54gl, or ZoneAlarm specific settings. After the update now I can't get green.

Switeck, dsl reports says my up/down speed is same, though rogers throttles me.

I run utorrent on a relitively unused machine, so no virii of spyware. And like above has only happened since upgrade.

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You meant xx/384k setting in Speed Guide I presume? Those settings look about right for your connection, though even that connection and global connection max can be too much for marginal networking hardware and software.

Do you have DHT enabled?

What about UPnP?

Is Resolve IPs enabled?

What about Enable Local Peer Discovery?

You'll need to disable all of that probably to see if they were the cause of the problems.


Zone Alarm may be causing problems -- it's probably why µTorrent cannot get the green light anymore. Have you tried using the Windows XP firewall instead? (...with Zone Alarm uninstalled completely!)

DSL Reports forums will also tell you just how rotten Rogers is for using BitTorrent...and can give FAR better advice for defeating Roger's throttling than I can, if there's any way at all.

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Switeck... I've run with and without zonelarm running, mind you it's not uninstalled.

Oh how i know Rogers blows... However it keeps me from d/l crap i really don't need, so I tried and now don't care.

I was more on here looking if it was a common occurance, the orange, or just me. But thanks for the suggestion of ZA.

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I´m having the same "problem". I used to always get the green circle (6 months) and i stopped to use utorrent for a while (nothing interested me to download in about a month), now that i returned to download stuff the icon stays in the yellow triangle saying that i have no incoming connections, but if i open 20 upload slots, all of them will be used normally as before. I´m not getting any speed problem, i download and upload things normally (256kbps/128kbps bandwith - about 25kb/s dl and 15kb/s up speeds), it just seems that the status icon is reporting incorrect connection status.

I have DHT off, peer exchange off, UpnP map off, resolve ip off... Just don´t know how to get the annoying triangle turn green, but it will be ok as long it´s speed is fine.


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I tried all the suggestions above with little or no improvement to performance.

What I have noticed is that since the latest upgrade, I no longer have the problem described. My download speeds are not great perhaps average 25-30 KB/s which is acceptable.

I think it is more likely that Virgin Media is throttling my bandwidth. Typically my upload speed is greater than my download and I've always uploaded more by the time I complete a file, which isn't a bad thing.


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