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Incorrect reporting of upload ratio

Legal Eagle

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I am not trying to be difficult, but the thread "wrong ratio shown in imported already downloaded torrents" that was posted under the "bugs" category has been shifted to the trash bin by DreadWingKnight with the final comment that "I'm sorry but this display issue has previously been brought up and is NOT a bug."

I have not been able to find anything about this issue in the FAQs and I have conducted several searches and cannot find where this specific issue was addressed. Perhaps it would be in the best interest of all if when a thread is going to be summarily dismissed, the dissmissing party might indicated where the answer might be found.

At any rate, with all do respect, and without any intention of irritating anybody or being disruptive, I will restate my problem below, and hopefully can be answered or directed to the answer.

Ever since installing version 1.7.2 (and not with previous versions) the upload ratio does not always properly indicate the correct percentage. It appears to only have a problem with larger files, but that is just supposition on my part.

I currently have at several torrents that I have downloaded using uTorrent and am currently seeding. One has a size of 7.56 GD and according to uTorrent has seeded 492 MB for an upload ratio of 3.486. Another is 12.7 GB downloaded, 252 MB seeded for an upload ratio of 1.237.

Additionally, it appears that at the sites, Demonoid and Tvtorrents are not giving me credit for my uploads. I do not know if this is because there are not truly getting the uploads, or if there is some other problem. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Look at the display in the transfer category of the screenshot from the start of the thread.

The ratio of his "bad torrent" is calculated from the following values shown on the general tab:

Downloaded: 10.0MB
Uploaded: 484MB

The issue he's bringing up is NOT a bug.

That's why I binned his thread.

The ratios displayed in uTorrent also have nothing to do with the ratios reported to sites.

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Ok, his situation was not a bug, but that does not solve my problem, which may or may not be a "bug", I don't know.

As to the ratios reported to sites, I wasn't stating that it was the same problem, but that it is another problem I have.

The question is what do we do to solve these problems?

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