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Speed not more than 15 kbps


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I have a LAN connection from an ISP(multinet boradband)

i have to connect to internet using a dialer just like a dialup connection.

This is most unusual type of LAN connection.

It is not DSL nor Broadband , It is a connection which requires to connect to internet through a Vpn dialer.

I mean if i will not connect the Vpn dialer, i will not be able to use internet.

They told us that our connection speed 512KBit/s and it is 1Mbit/s at night for downloading.

My normal downloading speed 60-64Kbps.

But in utorrent(in every bittorrent software)my download speed is not more than 15kbps. I tried every thing. Encryption, proxy server, tweaking and every thing.

Iam using Windows Vista.

Is there any thing i can do apart form changing isp. Because other than bittorrent downloading isp is very good at other service.

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Upload speed may be overloading the connection, causing minimal download speeds.

Can you try the xx/512k Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting to see if that helps?

Due to the Vpn dialer, you'll likely always be firewalled in µTorrent. That may cripple download speeds as well...because you can only download/upload to people that are not firewalled.

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Sounds like the classic unsolvable firewalled state. Since you're always firewalled, you typically can only connect to a small fraction of the peers and seeds on a torrent. These peers/seeds are often overloaded by all the other firewalled connections to them, so their speeds to any one firewalled peer (you) is slow.

Have you tried the OpenOffice TEST torrents?

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Yes its speed also goes not more 15kbps. I have tried other linux which offers downloading via bittorrent as well. But same problem speed not more than 15kbps. There is no problem in ports forwarding easily. I think you are right about firewall thing. One day i have read in isp forum that firewall was down for few hour. In that few hour my speed went as high as 0.9mb/s.

I have tried using bypassing isp firewall software but they slowing down my internet connection. I cannot get speed above 10kbps even in normal downloading from website.

Yes you are right about connecting small number of peers. It cannot connect not more than 25 seed even with torrent like open office as well.

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