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Problem with UPnP on uTorrent


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The latest version of uTorrent seems to have some issues with being unable to forward ports using UPnP. I am on a network of 15 people using a combination of the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

The only people who can successfully forward a port and get a green circle are those using version 1.6 with Windows XP.

We are using a Smoothwall 3.0 firewall/router with UPnP turned on.

Based on log messages, it seems that uTorrent is not connecting to the correct device to forward the port. It is connecting to and, but the router is on Those other two addresses are wireless access points on the network. Shouldn't uTorrent connect to the ip address of the gateway in order to forward the port? It doesn't make sense for it to try any other ip address.

For now, I suppose I could disable UPnP on those access points (I like to have it on so I can see all the devices when I go to view the network), but this is definitely a bug in uTorrent and should be fixed.

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I'm having the same problem. This is what shows up in the uTorrent logs.

[14:11:34]  UPnP: Discovered host: http://172.xx.xx.1:5555/rootDesc.xml  << Smoothwall

[14:11:34] UPnP: Discovered host: http://172.xx.xx.3:5200/Printer.xml << Printer

[14:11:34] UPnP: Discovered new device:
http://172.xx.xx.1:5555/ctl/IPConn << Smoothwall

[14:11:34] UPnP: Received invalid query from UPnP device
[14:11:34] UPnP: Mapped TCP port 28367 -> 172.xx.xx.6:28367 << uTorrent WinXP2 vmware install

[14:11:34] UPnP: Getting external IP
[14:11:34] UPnP: Got external IP: xx.xx.xx.xx

[14:11:35] UPnP: Discovered host: http://172.xx.xx.5:51815/ << Beyond TV machine.

[14:11:35] UPnP: Received invalid query from UPnP device

My question is why its trying to map the port to XP machine uTorrent is running on rather than the Smoothwall machine?


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