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Error: Syntax is incorrect


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suddenly i'm getting this error from my program. the entire wording is:

Error: The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect

the file will download for about 30 sec to a minute, then the error comes up.

the only thing that has changed on my machine is that i downloaded firefox. i have been using ie7. the error began the very same day, and it happens on every torrent i download. it's seeding fine.

i am using utorrent 1.6.1, but i haven't had a bit of problem with it until now. i haven't upgraded cause i'm on an unstable dsl/wireless connection and the recommendation was not to try to upgrade with this type of instability.

i'm still using both ie and firefox on my machine. could there be a conflict or something? i get the error searching and grabbing torrents on either browser. i'm on win xp.

anyone ever heard of a problem like this? any help would be greatly appreciated before i just give up, uninstall and reinstall the new version. i dunno if that would solve the prob anyway. thanx...

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yep, dreadwing, the exact same thing happens with torrents from there.

i uninstalled 1.6.1 and installed 1.7.2 and it's still happening. evidently my machine is having some confusion since i installed firefox.

but what could it be? all of my other programs are working fine. it's really hard to believe that just installing firefox would cause this, but that's the only thing that has changed.

please help, someone! my utorrent is the most important program on my machine and i'm going crazy without it.

has anyone seen that error before?

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It generally means that something is invalid in the path or some filename. Perhaps a disallowed character or something.

As for moving data, stop the torrent, move the data somewhere, then right click the torrent -> advanced -> set download location, and point it to the exact new location, then start it.

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well, i've haven't been able to download a torrent since this problem began. wish i could...

as i said above, it starts and within a few seconds the error comes up.

could installing firefox have anything to do with this?

the only other thing i can think to do is a restore back to before the firefox download, but i will have to put firefox back on.


i found the problem. rather than check when you asked about the path, i just told you what it has always been. today i decided to right click on one more newly stalled torrent and saw the path was no longer set. after setting a path, it was fine.

may i ask you one other question? i did upgrade to 1.7 and on the install it said the port that was set, 12459, was not open, but i'm downloading and uploading fine. i'm at a hotel, so it would be hard for me to set the port, i think. am i ok?

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