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problems with becoming "clever"...


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i'm having major trouble getting my port unblocked for utorent

i used portfoward.com to forward the port but it still says that a "firewall/router is blocking my network traffic".

i have disabled the firewalls on my computer, changed my port number then re-forwarded the new number, and i have spent the past 2 days browsing forums such as this for an answer to my problems.

any suggestions?

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hahaha yeah i didn't think of that

i'm using a Belkin F5D7231-4P

i'm also using a DSL modem

i assigned my computer a static IP (

and fowarded the port on my router

i turned off my windows firewall and when the port remained blocked i turned the firewall back on and unblocked the port on it

the port i am using is 61310 (the old one is 21636)

i am not sure though if it is outside the DHCP range because i don't really know what that means...i'm new to all of this

also...i'm not sure if this has to do with this but i am using a program (Easy Net Switch) which allows me to change my IP settings from home to school (at home i use the static IP)

anything else you guys need to know?

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I am thinking you have the Dreaded 2 Router syndrome I still need to know the Make & Model of the Modem as sometimes they turn out to be Combo units. I would also reccommend a port in the 10000-50000 range as they are the Ports not likely to be blocked.

OK now we know your Static IP we need to find what the Start & End Range of the DHCP is, usually found in the Routers "Status" Menu or just look for anything labled DHCP.

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Is that Modem a Westell?? If so you have 2 Routers and you need to either put the Modem in Bridged Mode or follow this guide to turn the 2nd Router into a Switch/Hub/WAP:


As for the DHCP range you need to lower the Range from .253 to .100!!


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Message from OdorOfSilence:

"First, I changed my DHCP to what you suggested, then I went to the link you posted, and I found the site that shows me how to turn my router into an access point. The site instructed me to change certain IP settings and when I was done, it said that the new address, (changed from would allow me to access my wireless settings page, and when i was done i had wireless but i could not use the internet, and i could not access my settings page with either the old or new address. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

Also will this involve re-setting my router?"

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so i changed my wireless settings (using Easy Net Switch) back so that they will obtain everything automatically

my internet worked perfect

then i changed everything back to my static IP and i couldn't use the internet

i've just changed my router back to the way it was (it's no longer an access point) because it was messing up my printer settings

either way while my router was an access point my ports were still blocked

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