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Tracker "Offline (Timed Out)" or Connection closed by peer"


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Hello everyone!

I'm very, very, sorry for posting this matter again, but, excuse me, some days ago, I wrote that it was solved, but, the problem persists, and I don't really know what to do.

So, if you don't mind (ok, if I'm breaking any rule, you can simply delete it - I accept the possible consequences) I will paste in this post, all the story of my problem, and would apreciate any kind of help - even a small one!!

"Hi everybody!

I've got (only since the day before yesterday, althougt i'm utorrent user since a long time ago) this problem.

From some tracker's status I get the information "conncetion closed by peer" and in some other ones I get "Offline (timed out)"

It's strange, because when I start uTorrent, it all runs perfectly, but after a while (guess it's after the first tracker update) all the torrents become not working as I said.

Can anyone please help me fixing this?

I insist that untill that day, I've never had no prolems at all, in downloading or seeding, and didn't mada any changes in network configuration and tha software installed is the very same I've been using for long ago!

Use only XP firewall, and I've a router that never bring no connection problem at all (linksys with Firmware Version: Talisman/Basic V1.2.4) and my ISP is Netcabo from Portugal - is ISP throttling down P2P connections?

I'm very concerned about this because I'm afraid my ratio obligations can be messed... and the download and upload speeds fell down sensively!

I've tried also change my outgoing protocol encription (disable, enable and forced, too..) but, no way...

Thanks in advance!


"Thanks for all of you who read this post and thought about helping me in this case, but, fortunatelly, and whithout any change of my settings, all became sudenlly quite right. Guess that was some ISP trouble, or they didn't like my phone call asking them about what was going wrong in my internet service... (lol)

As i said. thank you so much, you're the graetests... and everything fine now.


"Hi Guys!

Think I went to fast... afterall, everyday, at the end of the evening, all the trackers I'm using, become the same way. Some get "Offline (Timed Out)", others report "Connection closed by peer". Of course, I didn't do anythink before, most of times, my computer stands quietlly, or with low ativity.

My system is that I refer upside, and I don't really know what to do to solve this. I've even tried to call up to my ISP call center, but, of course, they keep teeling me that they are not making any throtling with client protocols. One thing I'm sure: I never loose my Internet conncetion, but my p2p aplications... got messed. After some hours, It's everything allright again.

Any help, please!!!!

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I can recommend "Clix" as an ADSL ISP that does not throttle BitTorrent in Portugal. I've been in Portugal since early this year working on assignment until end of 2007 and signed up with Clix after questioning my local colleagues. Service is reliable although download speed is nowhere near the promised 24Mbit/sec, I only get about 8Mbit/sec at best, however since about two weeks ago upload speed increased from 576Kbit/sec to 1Mbit/sec which made me happy (NetCabo only provides 512Kbit/sec up for home users). The Huawei modem/router provided by Clix was junk though, could not handle BitTorrent for long without locking up so I bought my own D-Link DSL-320T which is working well for me.

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Hello buddies........

I must thank you both for your cooperation and interest.

I'm going to take a very close look at the manual sent by Ultima, but I really think that's not the problem. However, learning is always the best thing to to.

As an example, I can tell you that right now (16:41 at my local time - Portugal) is everything fine, I don't have any connection down and speeds are what they should be.

And of course, I'm going to start looking up for other ISP options. I used to like netcabo because of their traffic limits (or their unapplication)

My best regards.

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