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No download connection


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Ok, so I'm new, I've been browsing through the topics but I'm still lost and confused.

Started with 1.2.1 Beta a few days ago and downloaded a few torrents perfectly fine. Then I got 1.2.1 Final and I started a few more torrents. However, only one of them connected to download (though the other two connected to peers). The one that downloaded got to about 40% and then stopped. The trackers say they're working, I have 5 of 16 peers connected, but still no actual download. Just recently I've got some uploads on the one.

I don't have any of that NAT Error or Network OK message in my status bar. I've got DHT: 240 Peers and then the D: and U: info. I have no firewall and I'm running XP. I don't know anything about torrents being new and all..I just don't understand why it would download and then all of a sudden stop, even though all the trackers are still working.

Could someone please help me.

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