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why so slow?


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I can't get an open port on wireless so I hardwired my connection with ethernet and now get an open port. But still not able to torrent, I get "DHT: Waiting To Login" or "DHT: 0 nodes", 0 seeds, 0 of 1 peers (0 in swarm)

So I searched a new torrent and downloaded it and get:

- 0.6 kb/s DL

- seeds, 1 (13)

- peers, 1 (11)

- DHT: 239 nodes

Any ideas?

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Im also getting Slow Download Speeds, With uTorrent i get 10kbs-18kbs but no more. With BitLord (i know it has problems) i get 20kbs-40kbs.

Ive done all the Port Forwarding and that does nothing (still have Yellow Triangle) Ive tried many different ports but all say Error appear to be closed.

The only Torrent File thats downloaded with about 200-300Kbs is from that Website u linked.

So is there anything i can do to increase my speed?

PS. File im trying to Download has 975 Seeds and 3682 Peers, if that helps.

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