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Problem with Vood 322 and speed problem


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I have a speed problem when I'm downloading. I get the yellow triangle at the bottom of the Utorrent client. I use Comhem( swedish ISP) and vood 322 to make IP call. If I disconnect the Vood 322 and direct connect from the modem to my computer I get god speed and the green circle. But when I connect back modem-vood-computer, then I get same problem.

I have port forward exactly like from



but I stile have same problem. I don't think either that the problem is from my firewall (Pandora platium). It works very god when I connect modem-computer without hanging any firewall values.

Please help, it is very slow when I downloading. I have read some of the other that have speed problem but could not find any thing that helped me.

Kindest regard Anders

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