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Upload auto-throttles while only seeding


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I'm using 1.7.2, and it seems that automatic upload throttling continues to attempt to work when only seeding. When on auto, it should set the upload cap to unlimited whenever there's no downloading torrents. The whole point of this feature is to favor download bandwidth when downloading, so it shouldn't do this when it's not.

By the way, you really should have an option to set a maximum upload speed that the auto-throttler can't go over, and would be set to when only seeding. A simple bt.auto_ul_max would be nice.


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I'm requesting the exact opposite feature. ;)


I understand that maxing out the upload bandwidth can choke out the download overhead and kill things, but that's not a problem here. I guess my problem is that my auto-cap isn't picking the best values. Here, take a look at this:


(5 min per horizontal grid; 31.75 kB/s per vertical grid; bt.auto_ul_interval is set to 5 min)

As you can see, it follows a rather predicable pattern of capping too low, spiking four times as high, capping too high, slowly settling down, rinse, repeat. When I just turn the auto-throttler off it naturally settles in a rhythm somewhat above the lower cap. Yes, I think it might be choking itself in those spikes, but it seems to be doing just fine without the throttler.

Obviously this isn't what's intended; it shouldn't ever be limiting my seeding ability like this. For my particular situation, turning it off when only seeding gives the best results. An (advanced) option to do this automatically would be helpful. Though, of course, making the throttler smarter to handle this more efficiently would be even better.

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