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Virgin Media & Netgear WPN824v2


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Hello everyone,

I've been using uTorrent for round a month now (was using BitComet before) and it's brilliant. Except one thing. My download speed is very bad. My upload speed seems to be faster than my download most of the time. I currently upload @ 30 kB/s while download seems to be averaging 15 to 17kB/s. There was once where it spiked to 130 but goes down immediately. I've read the motorola surfboard modem link and that came out not to be the problem. All the ports on my wireless router (Netgear WPN824) is opened and my firewall (Windows Firewall) are opened both UDP and TCP.

Also, sometimes when I open IE, it seems to go faster.


I've just tried the OpenOffice test and that worked fine. Was able to get up to my top speed. But my other torrents I'm downloading is averaging 15kB/s.

I seem to be only able to connect to a number of seeds in that torrent.. e.g. 4 out of 206 seeds and 65 out of 2963 peers even though the limit is 80 for the peers.

Why is this?

Any help will be grateful.


P.S. I'm using XP Home SP2, Athlon X2 4200+ @2.75GHz (I've read the X2 core thread as well), 2GB RAM, 500GB SATA2 HDD, Sapphire X1950Pro

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Speed Guide shows xx/384k

But because Virgin Media are starting to limit users... i now have to swirch between that and xx/128k.

But when on xx/384k, its still just as slow as xx/128k.. and sometimes even slower


I'm still getting problems.... Even on 3 downloads, they only reach around 70kB MAX in total, while averaging between 10-30kB. I have opened all the ports, limited the Upload to 15kB and Dl speed to 200kB.

Is there any other settings I should use?

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