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insufficient disk space error...but I HAVE 16 GB free!


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I am downloading a torrent sized at 7.9 Gb. The torrent starts without issue, and no error is given that there is not enough disk space as is usually observed in such cases. After a while, maybe right after the torrent start downloading (in this case, after 7.1 Mb downloaded) the torrent stops and gives an "not enough disk space" error. I tried to resume it but it keeps doing the same thing.

I tried several different torrents, all of sizes ranging from 8 Gb to 2.4 Gb but they all give me the same error! Its strange because my WinXP tells me that particular drive has over 16 Gb free space available.

I know I have NTFS, because I just finished downloading a file over 7 Gb and there was no error there. Is it my OS?

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