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Help!!! Yellow Triangle but firewall is turned off!!


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Hi people,i regged here since i searched the net since i had similar issue( i found out today the solution; my connection is DSL 512):

Go to disabled Windows firewall and still use exceptions tab and add ports you need to open(TCP and UDP) and add the application as a separate rule too.Then do the same in your 3rd party firewall and if needed do a port forward(i don't need one since i use plain Sagem 800 modem).

This(WinFirewall exceptions) fixed my yellow triangle/red excl. mark problem!I have Outpost firewall +Nod32 and did allow the utorrent and DC++ trough Outpost ,BUT until i had done the above i was f*ked(pardon me :) ).I really don't know why the damn WinFirewall still blocked the ports even if it was disabled,but IT DID.Now i have green light and everything works like a charm(430kb/s or ~50KB/s)

Hope this helps

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