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Alternate upload rate when not downloading not working


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I set a limit so that when it is seeding it will not go pass the upload speed which i set it to.

The limit local peer bandwith but after the download is finish it uploads more than the limit I set it to

Does anybody know why?

I've tried deleting the settings.dat and the settings.old.dat but that still does not work

I'm running Windows Xp

Intel Pentium 3GHZ with 1GB Ram

Running ESET NOD32 Antivirus

I have no firewall installed and have disabled windows firewall

Utorrent shows it is green status

Running NetGEAR D834G V2

Runing it thru a ethernet cable and not wireless

I am running DSL

Utorrent speed settings are

Upload Limit: 100kb/s

Connections: 100

max active torrents: 5

Upload slots: 5

Max active downloads: 4

net.max_halfopen is set to 8

The upload speed works fine but the upload speed that is set after downloading does not work.Say I set it to 10kb/s it just uploads whatever it likes

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Firstly, is your upload speed reaching and sustaining 100 KiloBYTES/sec while downloading?

(This hints of overloads or other problems if not.)

Secondly, if you allow lots of connections at once, such as 30+ per torrent and 100+ global -- then the overheads alone can push upload speed over 10 KiloBYTES/sec. ...This is even when doing nothing more than just trying to stay connected to that many ips!

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If your upload speed while downloading is NOT reaching and sustaining the upload max you set, then either the peers on the torrents you're downloading really are slow...or you're overloading your connection trying to upload faster than it can sustain.

Did you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) to determine your connection's real usable upload and download max speeds?

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