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Autoloading from a NAS

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I had a shared drive on my PC for the house to all connect to and autoload torrents.

Just upgraded to a NAS so I dont have to leave my PC on all the time. Tried to autoload from the Network storage drive, and nothing. It does have a inactive (sleep) timer on it, but even when spinning, utorrent cannot load from the drive.

Anyone try and have this work?

If not next version?




OK, this has gone from a Feature request to a troubleshoot. (Mods please move if you wish)

I read about people autoloading from a NAS no problem. So I set up autoload from remote (other pc) location. Works no problems. Change nothing except location to (Vantec Nexstar LX if it makes any difference) NAS drive and doesnt work. I thought mapping a drive letter for the NAS may coax it to work (Z:\). Tried using IP(\\\public), tried using text (\\storage\public) Nothing.

So I fire up azureus, and it autoloads perfectly moments after install.

I dont know what to do, but I am damn sure I dont want to be using Azureus(which showed its flaws just seconds after autoloading).

Please someone, suggestions!!!

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