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Cannot map upnp port , P4 2.8 using DLink DFM-562IS HSFi PCI modem


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cannot map UPnP

this is happening on the subject computer with the DLink DFM 562IS HSFi Modem .

Also with my buckup Computer P3 733 MHz that carries a Motorola SM56 Speakerphone

Both computers (used independently) Get kicked of the net under I hour of use only when using Torrent site, most times less Isp Says it cant help tried every thing at its end. Telco has tested line found OK (can't get BroadBand here MUST putup with Dialup) I personaly have reinstalled XP three times on each computer, upgraded hard drives, and used about 6 different internal and external modems with initial success then problems occur after a few days Please help me ,

Thanks Virtualimagination

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