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Need Ideas on how to Boot from a partition


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Hi there, ok here my dilemma,

I have an large .ISO file of a bootable win xp installation (4.3Gig) but I dont have a DVD burner, just a DVD-ROM/CD burner. I dont think I can make multiple CD's with this ISO, and it boot properly. So I have created a 4500MB partition in at the begining of one of my HDD. Now is there a way to boot from this partition?

Can I create a virtual CD drive and mount the ISO on it, and still have the BIOS recognize it and boot from it, because I tried it with MagicISO's virtual drive but its only recognizable if Win it already booted.

Any help would be Much Appreciated


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Yes thats obvious, and I've made plenty that were. But I dont have a dvd burner as I said previously, or I would make a bootable DVD, thats a no brainer. Any way I've already got an experienced person in another forum to help me out, but thanks for the comment anyway.....(captian obvious)lol

Oh and by the way my Win XP cd is genuine, I just jazzed it up with nlite, and the deploy tools available at microsoft....If i've said anything that goes against forum rules, just let me know

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