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curious as to why my seeding is uploading so slow


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Whenever I download a torrent I always endeavor to keep seeding on completion until I am at a 1.5 ratio. I notice a lot of the time my upload is running at a measly 5 kb/s or less. Looking at the peer list I see IP 's with low % and it is taking them forever to get the download completed when I am ready and able to give them up to 50 kb/s.

Why is this? It occurs to me that the same thing is probably happening to me. When I look at the list and see lots of available seeds and peers and the bulk are chugging along giving me 3-4 kb/s with the odd one providing 30 kb plus sometimes, but not always.

I have read the guides and set up the program to the best I can.

Another quirk that I have noticed is that if I reduce the available bandwidth for upload to a torrent I will sometimes get an immediate bump in my download speeds. Its like someone turns a switch and says this guys uploading at his maximum so lets give him a faster download.

Are there settings that I am possibly not aware of which will help me upload/download faster.

I am on Rogers (Toronto, Ontario) speedtest.net shows my average download speed is around 7000 kbs and upload 500 kbs.

These are settings I use

Upload speed set at 50

Global max connections 450

Max connected peers per Torrent 200

number of upload slots 5

I realize these settings are not what is recommended by the speed guide but I set them up based on trial and error over a period of time. If I revert to the default settings on the speed guide I notice a drop of in both upload and download on the speed graph.

P.S. While some people believe Rogers is throttling I am not sure they do in my area as I sometimes get speeds of up to 200 kb/s. I also came across a test site using a server that I received a torrent at almost 1000kbs.

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Rogers ISP is incredibly hostile towards BitTorrent traffic. Fewer and fewer of their areas are unaffected. Typically they limit BitTorrent upload speeds to less than 6 KiloBYTES/sec. That's total counting even connection overheads -- so having lots of connections probably makes it worse.

Your best bet is to set upload speed limit to 6 KiloBYTES/sec -- and to be fair to others, use the xx/96k setting in Speed Guide.

There may be some workarounds for this and other ISP's unique problems...but I'm not sure if any of them work anymore. :(

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Switeck thanks for your read and reply.

I am fortunate I guess in that Rogers is not throttling my area YET.

I am trying to figure out why some torrents with the need only get a low upload speed from me whereas others get a high speed. Even if I stop the seed to the one receiving a high upload speed the other torrents being seeded remain low speed.

I can get up to 50 kb/s upload on some torrents.

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