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Computer froze on a blank screen...will rebooting kill my torrents?


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I was downloading 2 big files (one 7Gig, and one 3Gig) and it had been in progress for 2 days and was 50% 80% finished respectivly. It is on a laptop, there was plenty of space on the comp. and I had it set so that when I closed the lid of the computer nothing happened (no standby/hibernation etc.) and my screen saver is simply black. I went to check the progress of my downloads and when I lifted the lid and wiggled the mouse, nothing happened....

It is not unusual for it to 'die' on me after being used heavily for long periods of time, but...

Is it safe to reboot the computer? Will it kill my torrents, or will it pause them? Will I be able to resume them? Do I have any options other than rebooting?

plz reply.... :( *cries...*

........Anyone?.......Anyone at all...? Hello?!?

Never mind....*sighz....*

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