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Says port is not open when it should be


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hello everyone, got a little problem hopefully someone can help me with

Until recently I'd been using windows XP along with utorrent an never had any problems, ports we're and still are forwarded on my router, windows XP firewall was turned off an everythin worked fine, got a green light in utorrent an fast speeds when downloading........

Now, a few weeks ago I upgraded to windows vista, ever since then I've never been able to get the green light and as a result my speeds are really slow in comparison to what they used to be, I have tried forwarding the individual port(s) an also tried turnin my router firewall off completely with no luck, same thing with vista's firewall, tried just specific ports allowed an tried it completely turned off, still no luck with the green light or speed, when using the built in port test Its still saying its not forwarded.

I am not using any third party firewall or anythin that could block my ports that I am aware off unless its something hidden in vista that i dont know about....I am using a BT business hub model 2wire gateway BT2700HGV router the anti-virus software I'm using is AVG free along with AVG free anti-spyware, could they be a cause even tho the problem is the same with those programes closed

I've browsed the web an the forums for a solution with no luck, any ideas or help would be gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance

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