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net.outgoing_port, net.outgoing_max_port and WINE


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I am running uTorrent 1.7.2 on CentOS4 with WINE 0.9.24 using Windows XP emulation. I have also tried Windows 2k emulation related to this problem.

I have set net.outgoing_port to 10000 and net.outgoing_max_port 10004. One thing I notice is, when I set these options, they become *10000 and *10004 respectively. None of the other options I have set do this. Does this mean they are not usable? If they are usable, I do not believe they are working. I have ran wireshark (ethereal) and the ports used by torrent are still random (for outgoing).

This is very frustrating. I want to restrict uTorrent to a specific range of outgoing ports as I have traffic shaping implemented on my router. It doesn't do me much good to have traffic shaping if I am unable to control a given application. And no, I cannot simply limit it by IP. If I did that, I would (virtually) kill the connection on the router, which is even more pointless.

If anyone could provide some insight as to why this isnt working I would greatly appreciate it.


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Well, as someone who doesnt develope uTorrent and has very limitted experience with WINE, I would have no way of knowing if it is indeed a WINE problem.

All I know is this: I have net.outgoing_port set to 10000 and net.outgoing_max_port set to 10004, and in my logs I get this:

[00:10:49] : Connecting: port 62222 source: HX

[00:10:50] : Connecting: port 21012 source: T

[00:10:50] : Connecting: port 45690 source: T

[00:10:50] : Connecting: port 8824 source: T

[00:10:51] : Connecting: port 16881 source: T

[00:10:53] : Connecting: port 47709 source: T

[00:10:53] : Connecting: port 4662 source: TX

[00:10:56] : Connecting: port 47220 source: T

[00:10:56] : Connecting: port 6881 source: T

[00:10:56] : Connecting: port 48410 source: T

[00:10:56] : Connecting: port 24375 source: T

[00:10:58] : Connecting: port 57807 source: THX

[00:10:58] : Connecting: port 39578 source: TX

[00:10:58] : Connecting: port 31834 source: THX

[00:10:59] : Connecting: port 22562 source: T

[00:11:01] : Connecting: port 63754 source: TX

[00:11:02] : Connecting: port 24744 source: T

[00:11:04] : Connecting: port 64233 source: T

[00:11:04] : Connecting: port 46512 source: TX

[00:11:04] : Connecting: port 6881 source: T

So either uTorrent isn't honoring the ports for some reason, or there is a compatiblity issue with WINE that needs to be addressed.

Any help is greatly appreciated as this feature not working for me is really screwing with my network stability.


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Ok, I can accept that. Maybe the logging should display the port uTorrent is using to connect from. Might clear stuff like this up.

I ran wireshark for a brief moment and the filtered everything cept uTorrent traffic out.

http://www.vadtec.net/uTorrent.wireshark (saved in wireshark/tcpdump libpcap format)

Have a looksie if you want. Some of it was from the right ports, but most of it was not. And yes, there are a few things in there that didnt filter out. But I checked most of the ips in the Destination field against my logging and they matched. (forgot to save the loggin from uTorrent)

I guess if I have to Ill just use uTorrent with BW limitting on. Oh well.


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