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Violent undulation of speed, random cut offs, sudden bursts of speed.


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I'm torrenting a 6.03bg file, it's currently at 79.0%, but it's been doing the following since the moment i started it.

sometimes, the upload and download graph lines will shoot up and drop down in an eerily perfect wave.

sometimes the download and upload simply plummets from whatever it was to 0 (for absolutely no reason)

sometimes the download speed shoots up to as much as 120kB/s (but it's usually around 80kB/s)

but usually it's just slow, putting along at anywhere from 20-40kB/s.

is it possible to tame the wild beast that is utorrent? I would be happy with a 60kB/s average, but i just can't seem to keep this damn thing constant.

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Let me guess...all the peers have about the same percentage as you?

So the 1 slow seed gives out 1 whole piece...and over the next few seconds/minutes, all the peers madly trade it -- causing massive download/upload swings. Then it's done and they have nothing else to trade and download+upload speed falls straight to 0.

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there are 2185 seeds (currently connected to 0)

and 14438 peers (currently connected to 9)

right now it's holding steady 18kB/s, and i have a second torrent running that i stop and start frequently, since it seems the main torrent speeds up a good deal when i do this.

and as i was typing this, it hits 0, great -_-

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