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utorrent Resets Modem


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Not sure what is going on here or if utorrent is to blame but it seems to only happen when utorrent is running. I have a SAGEM LiveBox Modem/Router (Router is not used).

I have two laptop that connect wirelessly. I have the port forwarded on both machines and have the green icon at the bottom of both utorrents

Internet stays connected just fine but after launching utorrent and a time of 15 to 30min later the modem will click and lose connection.

I can reset the modem and reconnect but it will lose connection again if utorrent is running.

I cant seem to isolate the problem or even know where to look actually.

My Specs are.

utorrent 1.7.2

Vista Ultimate 32bit

Dell M1710 Core 2 Duo with 2G Ram and 4G Flash Ram

anyone who has ANY idea on this i would be greatful as I live in Poland and they do not provide English support here.


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