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Thanks to whoever helped fix my speed problem!!


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Problem is, I don't remember who to thank. I have been fighting with download speed in uTorrent for a few days (after I realized it was slow, lol), and have spent about a week trying to port forward with no success until today. I am using a Speedstream 5200 DSL modem (PPPPoE, in router mode I found out), connected to a Belkin F5d7230-4 wireless router. My desktop is connected to the router by ethernet cable. Anyway, I tried everything in the guides about forwarding, no success. Searched this and other forums, no success to solve the double NAT. I even shut down the modem twice making changes there and had to get help resetting the first time.

Finally, I started searching the Belkin router on forums, and came across a suggestion that the best way to solve the double NAT was to leave the modem as a router, but to change the Belkin router to an access point which I have done. Wow, what a difference. Got the green smilie right away, and test port came back positive as forwarded. Hope this can help someone else who is as frustrated as I was.

Oh...my laptop (wireless) is in the shop, so I have no clue if this will foul up my file printing and internet on it. I'll have to see when I get it back.

So...thanks again to whoever helped me. I probably couldn't find the forum again!

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