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uTorrent Download Speed Slow!


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My uTorrent download speed is too slow (As you can see in the title). I have ran the speed tests and have read all the FAQ's that uTorrent's hompage provides.

Currently, my download speed for uTorrent is 15kb/s, which is pretty slow. I am downloading a 4.99 Gigabyte file with 28(108) Seeds and 68(423) Peers.

When i download a file in my web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) my download speed is about 1420Kb/s. But in uTorrent it is different.

At the bottom of uTorrent, it comes up with a white exclamation point inside a red circle. When i hover my mouse over it, it comes up in a yellow box: "Not Connectable. A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to. Not sure if that is an actual error regarding my download speed if i read correctly. If it does, How do i open a port. My internet is wireless and is connecting to my friends compuer across the street from me. A NetGear 802.11g Wireless Router.

I hope i have provided enough information for the other users that will kindly support me.

Thanks for reading.


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I have tried that. It could accelerate up to download speeds of 120Kb/s but it is not enough. As i have an internet connection of 1500Kb/s download speeds and Unlimited Bandwidth in the Australia region (As i am Australian). Using the Slackware torrent, there were no peers from my country area as there was in the file i was previously (still) downloading.

I am running Windows XP Service Pack 1 with Net Framework 1.1 and the SDK for that version installed.

Please provide more support and thanks for your reply :)

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1500 Kb/sec = 1500 kilobits/sec = 187.5 KiloBYTES/sec THEORETICAL MAX download speed = only about 140-160 KiloBYTES/sec usable download speed.

If you allow 100+ connections at once in µTorrent and actually reach those numbers, then your effective download speed may only be 120 KiloBYTES/sec...or less.

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