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Contacting Peers????


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Hi Guys

When I run uTorrent and go to Peers tab it shows a list of peers that are downloading from me.

My question is is it posible to contact them in any way.

I have a few guys who are nearly at 100% and want to ask them to continue seeding.

Can this be done.


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The major concern was if that was added, it would be abused highly by spammers.

...or massive insults thrown for either not uploading enough or downloading too fast or some other nonsense. :(

With the nature of torrents coming from individual trackers often found on like-minded websites, a message forum for those tracker websites seems a better communication tool.

Better than leaving a bunch of very busy torrents running all night and coming back to see:

"You have 1053 new messages!"

Oh...I forgot to add that it would go along with everyone wanting to set their username, so you don't just see ip addresses. Which wouldn't be much good on say a specific movie download if multiple people were named "Sith Lord" or "S1th L0rd" or "51th 10rd".

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