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annoying download problem :(


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Ok, first off i am not new to torrents been using them for a few months.

but sometimes when downloading a torrent it will give good download speeds and then just give up speed drops to 0.something. it was going fine until it hit 90.4% but the number of connected peers hasn't changed its around 60 (5871 in swarm).

number of connected seeds is 0 (15 in swarm) but it was always like that even when the torrent was downloading well.

the upload speed is fine as well, limited to 35kB/s

also i tried deleting settings.dat and setting.dat.old and then when i opened uTorrent it came up with the speed guide so i set it to xx/384k and enabled encryption. they are the only setting i have changed.

If there is anything else you needto know please ask.


come on please i need help

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ok so i have started a new torrent and availabilty is 19.999

seeds 8 of 22 connected (2311 in swarm)

Peers 53 of 501 connected (14737 in swarm)

any essential settings to be changed to get the best speeds?

i am connected to alot of peers but download speed is around 30kB/s which is slow since before i have hit 200kB/s

please help

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