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There are two issues with uTorrent that I want to report. The first one IS a bug and seems to be DPI related, while the second one MAY be a bug and should be checked out if possible. To illustrate the issues, I have created two screenshots - one of uTorrent 1.6, which does not have these problems, the other - of uTorrent 1.7.3. The problems however existed in every version since 1.7.

The first problem is related to the graphical progress bar displayed in the torrents ListView control, under the "Done" column. As you can see, in version 1.6 the string which displays the current progress (e.g. 25%) is located in the center of the progress bar with an eye-pleasing spacing between it and the border. In versions 1.7.x the text is stuck to the bottom border. This behaviour is present on all of the computers I have tested it, all of them with high DPI (120).

The second issue is related to the "Detailed Info" pane (F5) and MAY be a bug. As you can see, on both screenshots the height of the pane is the same, but in 1.7.x there is a vertical scroll bar. From my personal experience as a developer, I know that sometimes this happens when by mistake the dialog template used for the pane is left with larger paddings (in this case probably at the bottom). I am well aware that this behaviour may also be caused by an enlargement of the "Comment" field, to be able to accomodate more text. However, since I found no information in the changelog which says "<date> <time> : enlarged the comment field", I also add this issue in the post for reviewing.

Best regards,

and thanks for making the great program that uTorrent is!

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