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NOD32 and utorrent v1.7.3


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Today, when I started uTorrent I got a normal message if I want an upgrade to 1.7.3 version. I accepted it, afcourse, but now, in couple of hours uTorrent has chrashed and it is blaming NOD32 for it. I didn't have any problems before new update and I also don't want to turn my antivirus off because of uTorrent.

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Yeah, several other people are complaining about crashes. It'll be looked into, but for the time being, can you try moving your .dat files away from %appdata%\uTorrent and/or the µTorrent executable, run µTorrent (yes, from a clean slate), reload the torrents, and see if the crashes persist?

Explanation: I saw a similar problem related to corrupted settings recently, and reconfiguring everything from a clean slate fixed the crashes up. I did not experienced with 1.7.3, though.

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Hmmmm. BTW, it could be also that settings are not "corrupted" but the new version treats some old settings in a "corrupted" way.

I've also got my bunch of crashes today. However it stopped after I did the following:

1) Stopped all torrents

2) Disabled DHT (to see if the crash is related to the new DHT code)

3) Enabled ipfilter (to see if the crash is related to some known weird p2p-polluters out there)

4) Restarted single torrent

5) Enabled DHT

And voila - no crashes since then.

As I guess - this sequence forced all the 3 dat files (settings.dat, resume.dat, dht.dat) to get overwritten.

ps. LOL (after recheck) WRONG %)

It was ipfilter. Enabling ipfilter with this ipfilter.dat crashes uTorrent 1.7.3 in no time if there are any active torrents from public trackers.

It seems that it crashes right in place of sending the first IpFilter blocked peer message to the Logger tab.

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