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Router problems – listen port (Safecom 10100)


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I've been having listen port problems. I believe this is down to an issue with my router, a Safecom SBRU 10100.

Plugging the 'net connection directly into my PC I don't have a problem, but unfortunately I have quite a few other PCs hanging off this connection.

If I reset the router, the listen port generally appears to be active for a short time after I start utorrent (confirmed by both the web page port checker and the program it's self.)

However fairly quickly it's shown as not available.

I have triple-checked the router configuration and tested it without a firewall on the PC – that it works fine to start with suggests to me this is ok.

I have turned off uPnP on both the router and the torrent client, relying on the static routing setup on the router. (I also turned off various other things, but these didn't effect the results at all.)

Anyone got any work-arounds or suggestions how to resolve this with my current router?

If not, recommendations for a cheap router that will work?

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Thanks for the reply.

I went through the details on your link and turning DHT off solved my problems (have now set other stuff back to normal and it still seems to work ok.)

Had a read up on DHT and I'm sure I can live with out it.

I presume the problem was with my router rather than the connection it's self however as I didn't get these problems when using the connection directly, yet did with the router attached but no other PCs being used.

My stats, for the record (as I'd already got them):


23Kb/s ISP upload compression enabled

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