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uTorrent remains in memory (Vista user)


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I'm having a strange problem with uTorrent on Vista Home Premium - whenever I exit the program, it remains in memory (ie. it's in the list of processes in the Task Manager). But it's not consuming excessive memory at this stage or during use, and the CPU usage remains at 0. So this isn't a major problem, except if I need to start uTorrent again, it won't let me, instead showing the following error message:

"It seems like uTorrent is already running but not responding. Please close all uTorrent processes and try again".

But even if I click on uTorrent in Task Manager and try to manually close it, it doesn't go away. The only solution is to restart my machine, which is quite annoying to have to do every time...I've had this problem with 1.7.2 as well as the new 1.7.3.

Someone suggested it may be a problem related to TSR...but I haven't found any helfpul info anywhere else. Anyone got any ideas?

FYI, I use the free version of ZoneAlarm as my firewall, and don't have any routers or wireless, just a standard Ethernet cable connected to the wall socket.


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