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Upload extremely low! (~0.2kB/sec)


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I cannot get my upload speed up for seeding thus i cant really contribute my share to the community which really sucks on ALTs. Ive tried to reconfigure the utorrents settings but there is not much rooms for change...

can anybody help fixing this really annoying problem?

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Ok, firstly, have you done any online searches for information concerning whether your ISP throttles or blocks BitTorrent traffic?

(My guess is, it does.)

Secondly, did you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the appropriate UPLOAD speed setting after running speed tests?

Lastly, have you tried this troubleshooting guide?:


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ive done some research in advance about my ISP and did some again after reading your advice... my ISP does NOT seems to block any BT traffic according to a couple of threads in my ISPs forum

i have adjusted speed setings of course and i can download very nicely. ive also tried to find similar problem of other users in the web but it seems to be hard to find good sources with keywords such as "utorrent, upload, problem, ..."

im not the kinda person that just posts their petty little problem into forums to make it easieron themselves :D

i just cant figure out what makes my upload suck so much

by the way "bitcomet" (i hate that program, thats why i wanna switch to utorrent) does upload pretty ok. so it is possible with my firewall settings, router configuration, ports, balblabla whatever hardware settings can interfere... just utorrent cannot seed properly, while downlaoding works just fine

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