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How to use real bandwith with uTorrent ?


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Simply, i have 2Mbit ADSL and on HTTP connections i can take stable 225 kb/sn.But in P2P actions, i can download with max 205 kb/sn with cFos Speed.Limited or un-limited upload speeds doesn't change's the result.(So i always use it with un-limited) But on upload speed, i can take my full.Which is around ~55 kb/sn.So i tought as the lack 20-25 kb/sn is for requesting for peers.But after some times, i tought it's too much for this.

Here is my some tweaking whick i read from forum;

DHT : OFF (I'm always on private trackers)

Port : Open

Encryption : ON

Resolve IP's :OFF

Peer Lazy Bitfield : ON

Connection : 150 Per Torrent | 350 Global

Maybe this speed normal and i wasted yours and mine time.But i really want to learn the reason.I'm using cFos Speed 4.02.

Cheers & Thanks for your time. =)

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Your browser might simply be rounding off the speed differently, but there's also communication overhead to take into account when BitTorrenting. My guess is that you've got a xx/512k connection (pretty high for the download rate you've got, curiously), so select that in the Speed Guide.

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