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Weird port forwarding problem


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i've searched but havent found anyone who has had the same problem i'm having. i have port forwarding and a static ip setup properly and it even works at times where i have the green circle on the bottom of utorrent. however, without me doing anything, it'll occasionally (every few hours or so) go to the yellow triangle saying i have no incoming connections and then eventually turn red, saying it isnt setup properly at all. then i unplug my router and plug it back in and it's magically setup fine for the next few hours. any help on having a permanently green circle will be greatly appreciated. here is what info i think would be helpful:

ISP: Cablevision

Modem: Motorola Surfboard (already checked to see if it was 'tampered with' by the isp and it wasn't)

Router: Netgear WPN824v2

OS: Vista Ultimate

Port: 65530

DHT: Disabled

if you need any more info/screenshots let me know and i'll get it up ASAP.

thanks again

i still cant figure this out

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