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uTorrent 1.7.4, Comodo firewall and port problem


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well as the title says i have a small problem with uTorrent.

right now i'm using the latest version of uTorrent and Comodo firewall.

on uTorrent it shows the yellow exclamation mark indicating no incoming connections, but i'm still downloading and uploading with average speeds.

now i'm pretty sure i properly forwarded ports for uTorrent because i used the free version of Zonealarm firewall before switching to Comodo and back then it showed the green circle.

i also read the previous posts about Comodo blocking uTorrent from connecting and created the new rule for the Network Monitor (TCP/UDP In, Source Any, Destination Any) as well as allowing uTorrent in the Application Monitor.

the router i'm using is Inexq BR400 (not wireless) router.

i don't know much about IPs and portfowarding, so thank you very much for your help.

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