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how do i enter my speed from the speed test


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can someone please help me. My speed test results how do I enter them into utorrent

Upload speed it Upload Test


You uploaded 206 KB bytes in 11.28 seconds.

kbps: 149.63

KB/s: 18.7

Mbps: 0.15

Your current bandwidth reading is:


which means you can download at 27.61 KB/sec. from our servers.

220.9 kbps YOU

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In the latest version of utorrent there is an option to make the program automatically adjust your upload speed for optimal download speed. This option can be found in Preferences\Connection\Global Bandwidth Limiting\Upload. Tick the box that says "automatic". If you look in the logger tab of a torrent (next to general, peers, pieces, files etc) in the bottom frame of utorrent, you will see what utorrent is changing the upload speed to.

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