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Well it isn't really urgent but i'm just hell over the whole situation of not being able to download stuff.

a few months ago i got capped -because my isp is shit- and when i came off being capped all my programs that direct connected to the internet ceased to connect.

for example.

trying to connect to soulseek.

the internet connection may be temporarily unavailable


could not connect to the network blaaah.

but the worst is Utorrent because this keeps me alive haha

DHT status: error: connection closed by peer.

but that is on my laptop, i have estabolished a wireless network and the desktop computers DHT status: not allowed.

I tried to port forward and i think i did everything the correct way and still the same story

i thought before that it could be kaspersky antivirus because the key is blacklisted

because that gives me a warning that programs cant connect from a certain ip that isn't mine.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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