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timeouts since 1.7.3 (4)


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I have never had not even 1 single problem with utorrent and I am using it for years!

But yesterday I updated ut to 173 and noticed that after some time(10min+) tracker status is offline for all my torrent, torrents are from different sites, so problem is imo in ut. If i restart utorrent it is ok, but only for a few minutes, then timeout begin happening again. After today's update to 174 nothing changed, problem is still here. Ut 172 works fine, no timeouts whatsoever.

Anyone else have these problems?

I am using win xp sp2, windows firewall, utorrent is added as exception, antivirus program isn't running.


edit: now i tried downloading without limiting dl to 100K. Same sh**. Even when i stopped download and manually updated tracker status for seeding torrents, they are still "offline/timeout". After restarting UT its fine, but for how long :S ?.

I am out of ideas what to try, so i will stick to good "old" 172 until problem is solved.

edit2: omg, ffs, i can't believe it! Now i have timeouts even with 172 :S. So i guess problem isnt in new version ut. Any ideas?

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i have the same problem since 2 days ago.exacly the same.when i turn on my utorrent everything works fine for about 20-30 min,on every file update is turn on and it counts til 0,when update reach 0,all files turn red,and tracker status is change then from working to offline.

i use u torrent 1.6.1.

sygate personal firewall and u torrent work fine,u torrent is allowed

but i did not change anything for like 2 years and all is worked fine til 2 days ago.

well i dont know i try everything,maybe someone could help us.

sry for my english


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Make sure that your upload speed limit is set properly.

1. Do a speedtest from www.speedtest.net -- obtain your UPLOAD speed in kbps (example: 251)

2. Drop the last numeral from the result (example: 251 becomes 25) to convert to correct setting in kB/s

3. Enter setting in "Maximum upload rate" field in Preferences-Connection

If this helps, its because your previous upload limit (if any) was allowing your outgoing gateway to be flooded. This delays and drops packets, which causes the tracker update failures that you were seeing. Even though this new setting may be slower, your throughput will be faster because you are no longer dropping and duplicating packets.

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