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Installed 1.7.4 - Windows XP now not working correctly


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I downloaded and installed the new 1.7.4 this morning. As soon as I did my mouse and it actions on windows did not work properly anymore.

- when I right click to get the context sensitive help the menu shows for a split second and disappears.

- uTorrent is set to open up as a single click from the task bar. When I do a single click it opens uTorrent but then it automatically disappears as if I had clicked again.

- windows can not be grabbed and moved

- If I manage to get a browser window open and try to navigate to a site it starts but then the Stop button highlights and stops the browing even though I did not click it.

I can not do anything in windows now. I'm sending this in from my work account.

The only thing I did this morning was install the new verion of uTorrent. I rebooted the computer twice this morning but it did not fix the issue. I was unable to uninstall uTorrent due to these issues.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, I do not know what to do at this point.


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