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I need Torrent HELP! PLEASE!

The Sea King

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choose a torrent that you want to download from a reputable torrent site.

open the .torrent file with utorrent (right click, open with etc)

you are now a peer, or leech. this means that you have none or some of the file that you are downloading.

if you have chosen your .torrent file wisely, there should be a positive number of seeds showing.

a seed is someone with all of the file.

utorrent will download the file for you by connecting to various seeds and peers and taking a liitle bit of information from each of them.

as soon as you have a few of the pieces of the file, utorrent will start sending those pieces to others that you are connected to.

when you have 100% of the file you are downloading, you now become a seed.

the temptation here is to save bandwidth and stop the torrent.

no no no

you shopuld keep seeding until your ratio hits at least 1.5 for each file you download.

i hope this helps, but you should really read the faqs, its not rocket science, just 1s and 0s

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