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Micro Torrent closing all internet access


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then i run Micro Torrent no other program get any internet access includeing micro torrent (utorrent) then for a short while utorrent get some access to download some and later have no access, during this time i cant connect to my NetGear router (FR114P)

i have opend ports in my router, but what is that screw up my router? is there somthing to do in utorrent or a firmware update on my router?

i have always got this problem with utorrent on this router.

EDIT: i have update my firmwave in my router, but i still got the problem that i losing internet access and i cant log in on my router untill i turned off my utorrent.

EDIT2: i took my laptop and scaned in a nother Wireless router ( my dads on a diffrent router to a diffrent ISP ) and there it works perfect!

Utorrent got some issues with netgear FR114P router so you know..

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